Ewold van Bergen Trophy Cabinet

As a little follow up post, here is a photograph of my grandfathers trophy cabinet that I was sent by my father. It is quite the collection eh?

This entire collection is now in it’s own dedicated room at the Franschoek Motor Museum in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is open the public most of the time.


Some sweet P510’s…

Here are a few photo’s that I have found of great looking P510’s… Enjoy!

Beautiful bumper-less example lowered over wide 13 inch Panasport rims. Also notice the lack of headlight trim pieces… Looks different no?

This particular car below is just so right in so many ways… One of my favourite P510’s ever and truly drool worthy if you ask me! o_O

Immaculate 1600SSS sedan with fender mirrors and appropriate Longchamp XR-4 rims.

Two more modernised versions sporting carbon fibre hoods and Volk TE37V rims. Looks good… One a 2 door sedan and the other a 4 door sedan.

Cars in the Park 2011 Feature: Riaan Jacobs’ 1977 Datsun B210 140Z Coupe

For my next feature I have chosen one of the most unbelieveably well restored Datsuns in South Africa.

The car in question is Riaan Jacobs’ 1977 Datsun B210 140Z Coupe. This car has been lovingly restored over the past two years by Riaan, who has not overlooked any detail whether big or small. This car has been featured in a local performance car magazine, so that must mean that it is brilliant?

Lets take a closer look.


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