Transformation of a 1979 1800J SSS…

So after 30 years of hard, unforgiving use my dad decided he was going to have his car resprayed to bring it back to life… Best decision he has made since making me haha!

Car went from looking like this:

To this at first:

Then to this (managed to convince him to at least spray his steel rims a solid colour):

To the current day when he FINALLY decided to put some tires on the 13×7 -7 offset Minilite wheels I convinced him to buy in January this year… Looks really good if you ask me!!

Next on the to-do list is replace all the suspension bushes with polyurethane pieces and some new custom springs all round… That should sort out the handling woes that the car has at the moment.

Well, there you have it, the transformation of my dad’s car from beater to keeper…



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