Yay or nay? I love it…

What do you guys think of this sweet 240Z?


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2 thoughts on “Yay or nay? I love it…

  1. bananahamuck ,,,,,screen name says:

    The build thread for that car is at a website dedicated to Datsuns of all kinds named Ratsun , ,here`s the link to build in case you haven`t seen it..pretty much start to present day..


    It`s not my car,,, but i do have a few including a 71 4door 510 and my son drives a 79 A10 wagon both of which were pretty much saved from the scrap yard..

    I enjoy your vintage pictures very much especially the b210 race ones ,,120Y 140Y ?? not sure of your countries designation…But love seeing them.

    • Jared van Bergen says:

      Thanks for the link to the build thread. I like your P510, it looks really clean, and I like what you are doing with your sons PA10 wagon, it is looking good! I almost purchased one, but got a ’79 PA10 sedan instead.

      Glad you are enjoying the photos from the old days!


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