Cars in the Park August 2010

I thought I would share some of the photo’s I took at our annual Cars in the Park show from August 2010. Was a great show with quite a few Datsuns in attendance…

Martin Stander’s immaculately restored 1973 P510 1600SSS sedan, with an engine bay shot just below, by far the BEST Datsun of the entire show. Over R110 000 ($14 000USD) was spent on this car to get it into the state that it is in. Simply astounding if you ask me:

My car with it’s front bumper on:

Sweet lineup of P510’s… Love shots like these!!

Two lovely KP510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe’s:

Good looking 1973 P510 1600SSS sedan:

Lovely little P411 Bluebird sedan, completely original bar the hubcaps:

Well presented L24 inline-six with 3 x Weber DCOE40’s in a 1972 240Z, looks great!

I am going to wrap this post up with a photo of my car next to some modern Nissan magic, namely a Nissan Sunny Pulsar GTi-R… This example pumps out a healthy 325wkw on ALL FOUR WHEELS!! Can only imagine the type of shunt it gives you, especially when you switch the NOS on too…

That’s it for now, in my next post I plan on bringing you photo’s from last years Cars in the Park show.



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