Cars in the Park 2011 Feature: Etienne Scheepers’ 1971 Datsun KP510 1600GL Coupe

For my second feature I want to share a beautiful P510 Coupe owned by Etienne Scheepers. This car is in amazing condition and has had a few very tasteful modifications done to it. This is a show winning car guys!

Lets take a closer look…

As any true P510 Coupe should have, this car’s tail lights look immaculate with nice chrome and uncracked lenses. These lights contrast very nicely with olive colour the car is painted.


The car has been fitted with a good looking set of 15 inch wheels that are slightly wider at the rear to help with traction. The interior is once again immaculate with the original dash, gauges, seats, Coupe specific center console and door panels all still in place. This gets top marks from me, what do you guys think?


The car has all it’s original badging in place which I feel is great, as well as the Coupe specific grille and spotlights! For me the best part of this car has got to be the beautiful fender mounted mirrors. They just look so elegant, perched far out front like little winglets. Just got to love the 70’s Japanese styling cues…


A Golf Mk 1 lip spoiler has also been neatly integrated into the front end of the car and looks totally at home there.

All in all this is definitely a good looking example of the beautiful and very scarce P510 Coupe, and one that Etienne can be proud of!


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