Cars in the Park 2011 Feature: Wiley Harrington’s 1972 P510 Rally replica

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have decided to give special attention to a few of the Datsuns that really stood out to me at the show.

The first car is owned by a great guy named Wiley. He has put the car together as a replica of my grandfathers rally car and has got some truly remarkable parts on it. He has managed to source and install parts that my grandfather had had specially commissioned when he was Head of the Datsun Competition department in Rosslyn, Pretoria. Thanks to Wiley’s experience as a navigator in a P510 during the 1970’s, he has managed to personally build an amazingly accurate replica of a P510 rally car.

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

I believe most will agree that the car is presented very well in the red and black colours that the most famous P510 rally cars used to run in?


As you can see, the car is an original 1600SSS and still sports the chrome bumpers.


The motor that powers this car is a bit of a beast to be honest. It is a frankenstein motor, namely an LZ24. Now, don’t confuse it with the legendary twincam LZ motor, this designation derives from the fact that it is built from the block of a Z24 motor with the cylinder head of a L16 SSS motor. This gives you a motor that from the outside still looks like a normal L-series, when it is in actual fact an entirely different beast altogether. Estimated power is around 200hp at the flywheel, which might not sound like a lot, but seeing that it is mated to a 5 speed Datsun Competition gearbox and a 4.375:1 LSD you can imagine for yourself that it is a pretty rapid car…



The car has been mounted with some bolt on fender flares to try and cover the 205/60R13 tyres, which are mounted to 13×6 Minilites.


The interior is immaculate and very well put together. It still retains the entire original dashboard and has a custom transmission tunnel. Also fitted is an after market deep dish three spoke steering which suits the car perfectly.


Wiley has also fitted period correct rally seats that he sourced from a company in the United Kingdom. They look absolutely brilliant with their harnesses. Also visible are the custom door panels Wiley made as the originals were damaged beyond repair.


The car has had a half cage fitted in the rear just as the original P510 rally cars had. This one is a tad different due to current safety laws but still looks good nontheless.


All in all, definitely one of the best P510’s in South Africa at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this close up look of Wiley Harrington’s beautiful car. More features to come so stay tuned…


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