In a strange place…

I have been in a rather strange, but at the same time amazing, place personally. I thought it would be a good idea to share a bit of this experience with you all… Here goes!

Thanks to Facebook (of all places!?) I have met a large number of absolutely AMAZING people over the past few days who have opened a door to another world inside my Datsun world.

All of these guys are from Portugal and, I have to say, are some of the friendliest people I have met in my life. They are all great fans of my grandparents and I have received the warmest of welcomes into their world of Datsuns and motorsport. I have been emailed photographs of my grandparents that I have never even seen before and been told great stories of how my grandfather used to work on his rally cars and commandeer local guys to guide him through Lisbon to be on time for checks and the like.

I have even been asked to register on the Portuguese Datsun forum: by the owner himself; a great guy named Americo Jose Pinho. There are a lot of good looking P510 projects happening there and hopefully, with permission, I can bring you some photo’s of a few of those cars

To add more fuel to the fire in my brain, one of the gentleman I met, Rui Bevilacqua, recently pointed me in the direction of a bunch of guys who, out of the passion in their hearts, have handmade almost all of the rally cars that competed in the rallies of yesteryear in Portugal in a 1:43 scale. Most importantly, THEY MADE A PERFECT SCALE REPLICA MODEL OF MY GRANDFATHERS No.102 1600SSS Rally car… It is absolutely incredible, and actually quite emotional at the same time, to think that someone besides myself thinks so highly of my grandparents. The level of detail on the car is beautiful and really a site to behold. Check them out at… Your mind will be blown away by the sheer quality of their work! Alternatively find them on Facebook under: Projecto Rallye.

Here is a photo of this car:


My thanks go to Rui Bevilacqua for bringing this to my attention, but mainly to Nuno Vincente Lopes and João Borges Lourenço for bringing this stunning creation to life. You guys have no idea how much it means to me… Honestly.

So… As you can see I have been slightly overwhelmed during the last couple of days, but oh man has it been awesome! This experience not only helps to further solidify my love and passion for the Datsun brand, but also helps me to keep in perspective how influential my grandfather really was in the Datsun community, even though it is not really common knowledge amongst everyone…

If I have forgotten to mention anyone I have met recently (which I probably have done) please accept my humblest apologies in advance.

Cheers for now..

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