Cars in the Park 2011 Feature: Riaan Jacobs’ 1977 Datsun B210 140Z Coupe

For my next feature I have chosen one of the most unbelieveably well restored Datsuns in South Africa.

The car in question is Riaan Jacobs’ 1977 Datsun B210 140Z Coupe. This car has been lovingly restored over the past two years by Riaan, who has not overlooked any detail whether big or small. This car has been featured in a local performance car magazine, so that must mean that it is brilliant?

Lets take a closer look.


Riaan’s car has been treated to a full ground up restore. The car was stripped and the body was sandblasted. A beautiful dark charcoal metallic colour has been sprayed on the freshly prepared body and really looks great.


A custom front spoiler has been mounted and sprayed in a gloss black to offset it from the body and the front bumper.


The wheels are 17 inch multispoke rims, again slightly wider at the rear than in the front. They have been painted in gold and sport a polished lip, making them really “pop” against the dark bodywork. The suspension has been stiffened and lowered slightly, giving it a great stance, albeight it slightly high due to the bigger 17 inch wheels. Still looks awesome, regardless.


The motor in this engie bay is none other than the L14. It has been completely rebuilt with a slightly lifted compression ratio, cleaned up cylinder head and has been fitted with 40mm Twin Dellorto sidedraughts from the factory. Thanks to it’s short stroke of 66mm this motor can rev pretty high in standard 140Z guise. Quoted power figures were 85kW@7200rpm and 130Nm@5000rpm, not bad for a 1400cc 8 valve motor eh? I am pretty sure Riaan’s car is making more than that but don’t have any figures. The detail on this motor is phenominal, every nut and bolt was plated, the block was resprayed as well as the cam cover. This is definitely the right way to do things if you ask me…


The interior was completely retrimmed with red leather for the dashboard, seats and door panels. It looks sensational and contrasts brilliantly with the dark exterior. New carpets were installed as well. All the original gauges were retained, as well as that sweet looking original 3 spoke steering wheel. Looks like it just rolled off the production line!



The standard 140Z rear spoiler has also been kept and painted the same gloss black as the front spoiler. Looks sweet sitting so high up above the tail lights, also still standard and in great condition. They look awesome too, compared to the standard 120Y lights.



There are very few 140Z’s in South Africa, with only 306 ever being built so that makes this a piece of Datsun history, and one that Riaan can be suitably proud of!


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