Awesome 1970 P510 1800SSS Coupe from Japan…

I found this original photo of this incredible looking KP510 a little over a year ago and have had it as my desktop background ever since. It serves as inspiration for my own Coupe and I would love to be able to have my car look as good as this one does one day…

I recently came across another photo of this car this past Friday which got me excited as I could only ever find the above photo of this car anywhere on the internet. With permission from Rod over at AUTOnGRAPHIC I am going to post some more photo’s of this exquisite example of a P510 Coupe.

Magnificent side profile shot. Such a magical shape…

Beautiful fender work here, loving the thin white pinstripe as well the colour coded fender mirror… Bluebird badge sitting pretty too.

Words cannot describe this photograph… Stunning!

Once again exquisite fender work, Coupe badge sitting pretty and original chrome trim in place. Fitment of the Watanabe wheels is 100% spot on and looks gorgeous…

Big thanks must go to Rod for taking these photographs of a car I have idolised for more than a year… Unbelievable stuff!

I also found this article from a Japanese car magazine featuring this very car… Seems like it is running an FJ20 motor on side draughts? Looks good spread across those two pages though!

It seems to me that between the above article and Rod’s photos the wheels have been changed from what looks like 15 inch Watanabes to 16 inch Watanabes?

Well there you have it, my personal favourite P510 Coupe from Japan. Hope you enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Awesome 1970 P510 1800SSS Coupe from Japan…

  1. Aidan says:

    Hey like you i think this car is stunning. Have been trying to determine if the wheels are 15’s or 16’s. I agree they have definitely changed from the magazine article but have they gone from 14-15 or 15-16? would ld be great if anyone had any information on it.

    • Jared van Bergen says:

      Hi Aidan, I had a look through some of my other photos of a Coupe with the same wheels and I am sure that the wheels on this car are 16 inch Watanabe Type F8, possibly at a +5 offset.

      Hope that helps!

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