Spotted today: Datsun 120Y

I spotted this original looking Datsun B110 120Y sedan today sitting quietly by itself in the corner of an engineering shops lot.

It seems to be in fairly good condition, with only a few minor dings on the front fenders and a few trim pieces missing from the dashboard.

Both front and rear bumpers are still in place and seem to have stood up to the elements pretty well with no visible rust or dents.

Both tail lights are in good condition with no visible cracks on the lenses and the original Datsun badge is still sitting proudly between them. If you look closely, you will notice a Datsun 260C sedan sitting across the road… Had I not been concentrating so hard on the little 120Y I would have taken a few photo’s of it as well but only noticed it on the way out of the area. Maybe next time eh?

C pillar badges were still intact and looking good…

I really loved seeing the original 12 inch hub caps still mounted to the steel rims. Always thought them to be 13 inch in size, but I guess you learn something new everyday haha…

The grille was also still in an undamaged state. Looks good compared to the others that I have seen before…

All in all a great little car that will still be driving for many more happy km’s in the future… (”,)


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