My fathers P510 rally car.

So after getting permission from my father I have decided to share his rally car with you today. All these photos have been retaken from prints my father has kept over the years.

He bought his P510 Deluxe in February 1976 for the princely sum of just R250.00! By December of 1976 the car had been rebuilt completely including a respray, new motor and bolt in roll cage. He went rallying with one of his high school friends, Alan Finkelstein, who was his navigator during their escapades.

Unfortunately, being a privateer rally team with no sponsors they eventually had to stop rallying in 1978 due to lack of funding and my fathers navigator getting married.

Here is the car the day he bought it… Perfect platform for a project!

Engine bay in a bit of a sorry state…

Completely stripped out interior, ready for cleaning:

Stripped out engine bay also ready for cleaning:

Car on stands standing at a friends house during the build:

Now this is how you build your rally car’s motor… On the lounge floor of your 3rd floor flat:

The completed car in December 1976. Looks really cool!

Here is Alan Finkelstein checking the exhaust hanger rubbers:

Here is the car wearing its rally livery for the first time before the 1977 Salora Rally. Behind it is my dads ex-works 1200 GX sedan service car:

Here is my dad and his navigator after the Salora Rally (my dad is standing on the right):

Here is what happens to a P510 when you slide through thick mud at 20km/h with no steering control into a small wooden pole planted into the ground… You lose half a fender flare and put a huge dent into the door!

Here is close up of my dads nickname… His navigator was nicknamed “Obelix”

Properly dirty rally car!

Here is Alan Finkelstein running through the pace notes before the start of the Asseng Rally in 1977 (loving the lens flare dad… (”,) ):

Here is my favourite shot of my dad during the 1977 Asseng Rally. They placed a solid 22nd overall.

In this photo my dad almost rolled the car with his left rear hitting the bank on the outside of the turn and lifting the car onto just the left rear wheel before putting it down on all four wheels… Close call! Looks good going so sideways though…

Nice action shot of my dad from a distance:

Taken by the same guy just after the above shot:

As you can now see, Datsuns run in my family! Now if only I could continue the tradition and rally my 4 door soon?


2 thoughts on “My fathers P510 rally car.

  1. rudi van wyk says:

    fantastic thanx for sharing pictures of the big boss mr bergen datsuns golden history keep it up my pal im the proud owner of 3 datsuns 1800 sss coupe skyline gtx oupe datsun 140y coupe all in show condition cheers rudi

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