Weird situation…

So seeing that I am having countless problems getting my 620 registered and on the road thanks to people promising to help me get the registration paper problem sorted out and then pulling a Houdini and just disappearing from the face of the earth with my hard earned money, I decided to put the 620 up for sale in a pure moment of heated rage…

Not even 24 hours later I received a phone expressing tremendous interest in the truck and a meeting was set up. So being the good guy that I am I give the 620 a once over, washing her and putting my SSS’s battery in to make sure that if this guy wants to test drive her he can. I jumped in and took her around the block to make sure all was good and ended up giving my good friend Rudi a quick spin before it was sold. When I got back home the first thing that came to my mind was, “Do you really want to sell this 620 after you searched for so long for one in such good condition?” and then I was like, “Hell No!” but by then the potential buyer was already on his way so we would have to wait and see what would happen.

Later that same day (yesterday) the guy arrived in one of THE CLEANEST Toyota Corollas I have ever laid my eyes on (and that is saying alot coming from this out and out Datsun guy!) and proceeded to give the truck the proverbial once over. After half an hour he jumped into his car and left, promising to let me know whether or not he wants to take it. Still haven’t heard anything from him, which is a good thing really!

I then remembered that I had found an awesome forum from America that deals mainly with Datsun Trucks: and decided to share my 620 with the guys there. I immediately felt at home when the positive comments started flowing in about how cool my truck looks and how they wish they had the fender badges on their trucks etc etc. Thanks to a few of those great guys I decided to remove my adverts and try again to get the truck registered so fingers crossed I can get it done!

One guy even posted a couple of photo’s which gave me some much needed inspiration to tackle this 620 head on! Here are those few photos:

All in all I want to kick myself really, really hard for getting myself into such a weird situation! If I could just learn to control my temper a little better this would not have happened so yeah…

At least things are moving in the right direction now. I even managed to find a brand new grille, fenders, front bumper and bonnet for the truck while scouring the internet in a 620 crazed search session! Pity the shipping from America to South Africa is ridiculously expensive otherwise I’d have a mint grille on its way to me as I write this post…

Oh well, such is life eh??

Cheers for now,



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