Some more old school racers…

Here are a few more old school Datsun race cars from the South African history books:

Datsun 140Z driven by Jan Hettema in 1978:

Brian Bezuidenhout in the Vista Homes Skyline 2.8GTX in 1985:

Dick Sorenson in the ex Hennie van der Linde Skyline 2.8GTX #B29. The car behind him is Luigi Marzocca, also in a Skyline 2.8GTX. Year unknown.

George Bezuidenhout in a Skyline 2.8GTX at possibly Killarney Raceway? Year unknown:

Datsun 140Z driven by George Santana and Andy Terlow in the Wynns 1000 at Kyalami. Year unknown:

Hennie van der Linde’s Skyline 2.8GTX. Probably 1985, and still carrying the driver pairings from the Kyalami 9-hour:

Castrol 9-hour 1981. Index of Performance and class winning Datsun 140Z of Dick Sorensen and Barry Flowers finished seventh overall and was the third South African car home. This is the ex-Brian Cook works car that won the 1978 Wynns 1000:

Datsun Z of Dick Sorensen, here running in 160Z form in 1981:

Hennie van der Linde in his Skyline 2.8GTX. Year unknown:

Hennie van der Linde in his Datsun 160Z leads George Santa in his Datsun 1200 GX at the 1979 Manufacturers race. Location unknown:

That ends what I could find on the Facebook page I mentioned in my previous post. Big thanks to all the guys who posted these wonderful photos!

Hope you all enjoyed this cool retrospective on some of the awesome Datsuns that raced the circuits of South Africa in the good ole days!


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