First look at my Bluebird Coupe…

Here are the first ever photos I took of my Coupe on the day that I first saw it.

The car didn’t look too bad at the time, and seeing that it is a 1971 1600 model, No. 663 of 753 built in South Africa in 1971 before they were changed to the 1800 model in 1972, I just had to have her as I had been searching for so long for a Coupe!

Little did I know what I was getting myself into! More photos after the break…



One thought on “First look at my Bluebird Coupe…

  1. rudi van wyk says:

    very nice my pal this one you bought from my friend mr FRED PAGE in alberton as i state ive got three datsun coupe of which my 71 sss coupe the best of the best sss coupe tops my pal cheers RUDI bellville cape town

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