The tear down begins…

So once I spent the afternoon stripping the coupe on delivery day, I took two weeks leave from work in order to completely strip the car down to a bare shell in order for the car to be sandblasted to reveal any rust that would need to repaired.

What I did not count on were the rude surprises that waited for me even before the car was sandblasted, but more on that just now…

The first real day of the dismantling process involved getting the engine and gearbox removed. Once that was done I found that the previous owner thought he could weld the RHS t/c rod back onto the chassis rail after it had been broken off. Turns out he was wrong… small surprise No.1:

Then the dashboard, seats, carpeting and roof lining came out the next day:

The foam that was glued on to the wheel tubs to keep the leather trim on took the rest of the next day to remove… Real PITA!

Here is a shot of the stripped out front interior:

Here is a photo of how the car stood in the garage after a week and a half of solo dismantling:


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