P510 Automatic… Clean Stocker.

I came across this car a little under two years ago at the shopping center around the corner from where I work… Completely original bar the crazy skew side mirror!

The car even had its original vinyl roof still intact!

The aforementioned “crazy skew mirror”

This even had the original rear window de-mister installed… Never seen that before!

Where are the days where it was an event to own an automatic?? Love the fact that this badge is still in place and not broken…

The hubcaps were all in great condition, just needed a slight polish to make them “pop” that little bit more along with both bumpers.

Lets end off with a shot of the best view of a P510… It is just so pretty…

I hung around until the owner of the car came out of the shops, a very little old lady, and before I could even ask her if the car was for sale she said: “Sorry young lad, my little girl is not for sale…” with which she climbed in, turned the key once and drove off…

I have been religiously searching for the car in the area but have yet to find it…



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