Kurosawa on the Fuji Speedway banking…

Here is my favourite shot of Motoharu Kurosawa on the banking of Fuji Speedway in 1971 in the wet at maximum attack… Sheer brilliance!


One thought on “Kurosawa on the Fuji Speedway banking…

  1. Marti Hassen says:

    That car holds a lot of memories, (for me, even though this race was way before my time) it goes back to 2006 when I played my first video game “Sega GT 2002”. During the intro of the game it shared a little story about how generations of heros take the wheel while showing parts of a car. After showing the final cycle of a piston moving it shows a faint video of that car going through the final corner. Started my passion for cars while driving me to find that “mysteriously nostalgic car”. Glad that someone else is fascinated of it!

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