Collection perfection… Or not…

This past Sunday I went with my father to collect the car after the money had reflected in the sellers bank account. Hoping for an easy collection we arrived to find out the car would not start.

Right, diagnostic mode in full effect then! Start stripping the air cleaner off to be able to fill the float bowl of the carb to try and start the engine. No dice. Engine cranks and drains the bowl but the fuel pump is not pumping fuel into the carb… Not cool! Check the fuel filter. Open up the fuel pump and squirt some petrol into it to maybe just “prime it” but still no dice!

Right then, last option then. We bring out the 2 liter OROS bottle and fill it with petrol and run the supply line from it to the pump. Not even three cranks and the engine starts and everything work as it should! Success! Kind of…

So the inevitably cool thing happened, we had to tow the car home as the fuel line from the tank was totally blocked!

The amount of stares, thumbs up and smiles we received from random people on the highway was simply astounding! It must have been quite an unusual sight seeing a yellow Datsun towing another yellow Datsun that looks almost exactly the same as it!

That same night I decided to remove the entire fuel hardline from the car to try and clean it. Jacked up the drivers side for better working clearance and had a cool photo op… Think I am going to make her this height forever… Maybe slightly lower! Naturally a set of 13×7 minilites is in order, so they will make their way onto the car ASAP!

Last post for the night will be the removal of the fuel tank which happened earlier today…





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