First look at the new daily driver…

Well thanks to some changes in my life I have been forced to acquire a reliable daily driver… The mountain bike just isn’t going to cut it anymore for transportation! So, “What does one do when you are in such a predicament?” I hear you asking…

You buy a one owner Datsun of course! 😀

Here are a few photos of the first time I saw her… A very clean 1979 PA10 1600J with 130 000km on the clock. One owner since new! Truly a great find…

Rear bumper is nice and reflective, just the way good chrome should be!

Rear seats, carpets and door panels are in amazing condition!

Front seats, carpet and door panels are also in remarkably good condition… Amazingly! 🙂

All the gauges are still there haha! No damage either, hazards don’t work though? :-/

Rest of the dash looks good too, just two small cracks on the top panel… Even has it’s original radio!

Next I will post some pics of this past Sunday when we brought her home!



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