First mini-project on the daily…

So since removing the fuel hardline from car and realising it is too dirty to try and clean out, I decided to remove the fuel tank to have it properly cleaned so as not to dirty the new hardline I am having made up! This has to be reliable transport so I can’t afford to cut any corners…

The tank is in remarkably good shape thankfully! No rust whatsoever and seals nicely, plus the fuel filler neck rubber pipe is perfect which is a big plus point!!

Here is the space where the fuel tank mounts… Note the condition of the breather hoses etc… Too good for words haha!

Fuel gauge wiring is still brilliantly intact, albeit slightly dirty!

Amazing how much bigger the boot looks when there is no fuel tank in there…

The fuel gauge pickup has this funny white powdery residue all over it… Anybodu know what it could be?

So that is where things stand now with this car… Tomorrow the tank will be cleaned out and the new hardline will be bent up so that I can hopefully install it this weekend!

Cheers for now!



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