Datsun PA10 filled weekend…

This past weekend was a non-stop Datsun PA10 affair from start to finish! It started early on Saturday morning when I re-installed my freshly cleaned fuel tank and brand new hard line for the fuel supply to the motor. It turned out very well, with the fuel float now working again after being cleaned.

Later that afternoon I swopped over the minilites from my blue car to this one so it looks a bit better for its maiden voyage through my suburb… Will post a photo of it later!

In between all of this we took my fathers L18 out of his car as it has been blowing compression into the water jackets due to a faulty head gasket for a while now…

Went out for a drink that night and upon arriving it was discovered that the front left brake caliper was stuck by virtue of all the smoke billowing out of the rim… The rim was so hot you could not even touch it! Damn! 😦

When we eventually decided to go home the car started first time but when I pushed the choke in to start driving it cut out. Then it would not start… Turns out the float chamber in the carb was empty and no fuel was being pumped into it! Fuel pump clearly packed up! Great! 😐

Got towed home for the second time in a week and called it a night.

Woke up the next morning with a plan: Remove front brakes to check, replace fuel pump and adjust rear drums so they stop binding.

Part 1 went smoothly enough, apart from circlips braking off inside the brake pad retaining pins! They definitely looked like they could use an overhaul… A spider had even made a home inside one of the RHS calipers pistons!!

I really like this shot after the calipers were removed… πŸ˜€

Once that was done it was time to remove the old fuel pump and install a nice new one! πŸ™‚

Just love shiny new parts!!

I had to fit new fuel line from the pump due to its outlet pipe being at a different angle to the old pump, but I think it turned out nice in the end?

Once that was all buttoned up I turned the key and she started first time! Success! Now to wait for the brake calipers to be overhauled…

All in all a rather hectic weekend but enjoyable none the less…





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