Success!! And almost major failure…

So I finally got the RHS caliper back today from the brake shop 😀 All nicely painted with fresh seals. Turns out the first time round one of the seals was damaged slightly during installation and thus caused the leak. At least it is fixed now eh? 🙂

I installed the caliper and my father and I proceeded to bleed the brakes after cleaning out the brake fluid reservoirs of large amounts of black gunk. Got that buttoned up and decided to take the car around the block to test the brakes… Brakes seemed to work fine but there was a funny noise coming from the rear of the car that was not there before, but I brushed it off as probably being something in the boot that was moving around. Stopped outside and told my father to take the car for a spin.

Now, as a helpful hint to anybody who might be reading this, if you are not the only person working on your car take it upon yourself to create a checklist as you go along to make sure everything has been re-installed and re-tightened!! Turns out my father and I both thought the rear wheels had been properly tightened and thought nothing of them while driving, but when he stopped at the gate he immediately said the rear wheels are loose!! o_O And lo and behold they were loose! The rear left wheel even lost a wheel nut as he turned into the driveway… Luckily it happened right in front of our gate, I do not want to even think about the possibilities had it happened while he was screaming around the neighbourhood…

So after narrowly avoiding disaster we torqued all the wheel nuts to 60Nm and drove the car again and all was fine! Went and checked tire pressures at the petrol station and all is now fine.

Tomorrow will be the first daily trip in this car, lets hope all goes well with no more nasty surprises hiding in the woodwork…


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