Spares have been found…

So, this past weekend was quite the eventful one to say the least… Learning how to tow a double axle car trailer for the first time on a 650km trip is quite daunting to be honest, but it becomes even more nerve wracking when you decide to complete the return journey the same day! At least I had some company in the form of my father and good friend Ben along for the journey.

Now, by the time we had reached our destination to collect the car, towing the trailer had become almost second nature at that stage, but when you add a 930kg vehicle to the equation things become slightly more complex… Stopping distances and times increase; turning response slows; gears become a lot more important… And and and… You get the picture? On top of that, doing the return journey at night on a completely unlit 4 lane highway full of fully loaded trucks does not make it any easier!!

Happily, we managed to complete the 1300km round trip in one day without any major hassles, only once almost running out of diesel at 22:00 in the evening 10km from home, and having to search most of Durban for a petrol station that had 50ppm diesel in stock!

Definitely one for the books! Now to start stripping what can be saved from the car and then throw the remains away… As you can see from the photos the car is nowhere near perfect haha… here is what can be saved:

  • Grille
  • Bonnet
  • Headlight assemblies
  • Fenders
  • Fender Indicators
  • All chrome beadings
  • All glass
  • Door handles and all locks
  • Stock L16 with a 5 speed dogleg box, rear axle going into my fathers 1800J
  • Tail lights with trim
  • Rear bumper
  • C-pillar vent panels
  • Some dashboard items
  • Gauges
  • Front strut assemblies
  • Stainless steel exhaust system (possibly)

Most likely thing to be thrown away is totally rusted body, easily the worst condition Datsun body I have seen to date, along with the front bumper and valance.

All in all, most definitely worth all the effort and time as the car only set us back R2000 (~$244!) which is damn cheap considering what can be used or even sold off… At least I didn’t have to pay for it!

So all that is needed now is a front valance and correct style front bumper in decent condition… If anybody might have one of the above for reasonable money please get in touch with me?

Cheers for now…




Sick Pic…

This is such a sick photo that I just had to share immediately!! πŸ˜€

Note the front left wheel has left the ground and check out how the right rear tire is pulling inwards under the load… Maximum attack ftw!!!

Sad day indeed…

This past week has been a particularly difficult one… The new daily driver has met a premature mid-life crisis this past Thursday, which is very difficult to handle at the moment.

She now has not got a nose anymore as my father made a U-turn in front of a young woman who then proceeded to very kindly remove the front end of my new wheels… I had to sit helplessly in my dads car on the side of the road and watch it happen all in slow motion…

She used to look like this: πŸ˜€

She now looks like this: 😦

Thankfully my father is unhurt!

Now it is back to spares hunting mode to trace a complete front end to repair the car… Fingers crossed I can actually find something that is in a useable condition!

Not a great feeling to have three Datsuns that are all stuffed and one that is working but not licensed…

Cheers for now