Car Spotlight: 1974 Datsun 260C Coupe Automatic

I found this immaculate Datsun 260C Coupe today just after I arrived at the classic car show. This is my first ever sighting of this model and man, I think it looks so cool!!

This car is in incredibely good condition with a good looking set of 15×7,5J et 0 wheels on… and 98% original which I really love! 😀

Vinyl roof is still in place…

Love the rear of this car… Almost looks like an updated version of the original Mustang fastback?

Classy yet retro looking front end just does it for me… 😀

I absolutely love to fuss over the badges on Datsuns, and for good reason too! Here are some from this one:

The interior of this car is particularly impressive. So clean you could eat off of the carpets!! Definitely a place I could see myself enjoying a leisurely 1000 mile roadtrip from… 🙂

All in all, a beautiful car in beautiful condition, and one I am really glad to have come across!

Now to make space in my collection for one…


One thought on “Car Spotlight: 1974 Datsun 260C Coupe Automatic

  1. Alan van Bergen says:

    Son i must really take you to a shrink!! This car is revolting and your grandpa had one– a maroon one I think.

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