New issues on the daily…

Today I planned to go and check out a classic car show in Alberton with a buddy of mine. The plan was to go and show off the daily and at the same time test out how she would handle her first “long distance” trip since I bought her. As soon as I stopped at my buddies house there was smoke coming out from under the bonnet… Not a good sign so early in the morning!

Upon closer inspection it turned out the fuel pipe just before the carb had split and was spewing petrol out onto the exhaust manifold, hence the smoke. So the intake box was duly removed along with the faulty piece of fuel pipe, although not without some degree of difficulty!

We changed the pipe and tightened everything and started the engine. Started first time and all was good, so we hit the road. We then tried to get the GPS to charge through the cigarette lighter, but no dice. Pulled into the local petrol station and upon closer inspection of the fuse box it was found that a fuse had blown. Put in a new fuse and we eventually got power by jiggling the connector around a bit.

After all this we finally hit the highway and started towards the car show. She ran well all the way, my only gripe being that a 5 speed gearbox is definitely in order as she revs way too high at 120km/h!! Got to the show and promptly parked the car for all to see 🙂 We didn’t have enough money for entrance and the local ATM machine was out of order so we had to drive around in search of another one. We eventually found a small mall nearby that had one and pulled in…

Not even 50m into the parking lot the car just died. Cranked for I don’t know how long before she started again and I had to splutter to the nearest parking spot… My buddy then checked out what was wrong and gave me the bad news: “The carb is leaking petrol like crazy!” 😦

So we went and had some burgers to calm the nerves before we headed home. Luckily I had enough petrol to make it home but make it we did! So now I need to find a suitable repair kit for the Nikki carb and hope that that will sort out the problem…

Such is life I guess, especially with a “new” old car that has been standing for so long, but once all these small niggles are sorted out everything will be hunky dory! 😀


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