Sad day indeed…

This past week has been a particularly difficult one… The new daily driver has met a premature mid-life crisis this past Thursday, which is very difficult to handle at the moment.

She now has not got a nose anymore as my father made a U-turn in front of a young woman who then proceeded to very kindly remove the front end of my new wheels… I had to sit helplessly in my dads car on the side of the road and watch it happen all in slow motion…

She used to look like this: 😀

She now looks like this: 😦

Thankfully my father is unhurt!

Now it is back to spares hunting mode to trace a complete front end to repair the car… Fingers crossed I can actually find something that is in a useable condition!

Not a great feeling to have three Datsuns that are all stuffed and one that is working but not licensed…

Cheers for now


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