The nasy surprises Part 3…

So after two weeks I got the car back from the sand blasters, who were kind enough to spray on the etch primer I supplied the car with so that it does not rust further after all the paint was removed…

WARNING: Photo heavy post…

Now lets take a look at how much work this little Coupe of mine really needs…

Drivers door:

Passenger door:

Boot latch and tail light panel/rear valance join:

Right rear lower quarter panel:

Right rear wheel arch:

Rocker panel in front of right rear wheel:

Rear floor:

Rocker panel under the drivers door:

Front floor next to trans tunnel:

Air vent :-|:

Drivers side floor and inner rocker panel:

Firewall (Interior and engine bay):

Front floor (more):

Botched radius rod repair (No idea what went through the PO’s mind…):

“Straight” Front valance:

Front lower cradle:

Left rocker panels:

Left rear wheel arch:

Around the boot lip:

Both doors:

Both fenders and rear floor:

So as you can see there is a fairly large amount of work that needs to be done to just get the body back into a respectable shape (read perfect shape) before the rest of the car can start taking shape… Most definitely a long term project…

Lets end off this crazy long post with a photo of her tucked safely away in the garage… 🙂



4 thoughts on “The nasy surprises Part 3…

  1. rudi van wyk says:

    HI JARED i must say a lot need to be done to your sss coupe but tlc will doit my 140 coupe was more or less in the same condition today she is like new but it didnt come easy . it all about what one like datsun mal just doit .get the sss on the road again pal. cheers RUDI

  2. Nate says:

    As a non-market observer of the Coupe, I’m happy to see this one in the hands of a dedicated Datsun enthusiast. Thanks for sharing your passion and I wish you good luck.

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