Car Feature: Mone’s 1971 Datsun P510

Here we have a great example as to why a P510 is such a great project car… If they are done up correctly they turn into wonderful looking cars, and this one is no exception… No matter what state they are picked up in!

Mone hails from California and picked up this rather beaten 1971 sedan as a project car without any motor in it… Definitely a worthy project car!

Interesting wheels on the car at this stage, but all the important stuff was there in good nick:

An L-series was promptly installed to get her mobile:

The interior needed some work:

During this time Mone slowly worked on the car, repainting it “rattle can black”, upgrading the suspension and brakes, fitting Hyundai Tiburon front seats while keeping the stock rear seat and replacing the wheels mentioned above with a more appropriate selection. 🙂

Wheels are original Panasport items in a 14×7 15×7 0-ET size with 195/50 Yokohama A008 tires fitted… They look really great! 😀 Notice the older style center caps and spoke design…

Replacing the L-series is a very clean KA24DE N/A engine swop, along with a 1993 240SX transmission, which provides the P510 with good amounts of get up and go power:

Suspension is handled via a Techno Toy Tuning camber and suspension kit, with Wilwood providing the stopping power front and rear:

As you can see here on the rear window, Mone belongs to the 5nDime car crew:

I will wrap up this post with my favourite shot of this cool little P510…

I am sure you guys will agree with me this is a good looking 4 door sedan! For more photos go here.

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