The daily lives again!! Almost…

So like I mentioned in the previous post, the repairs to the daily are progressing at a fairly fast pace! She should have colour on her as I type this… 🙂

Here are some updated shots I took this past Saturday:

Bonnet and fender gaps done:

Spare RHS fender fitted and primed (LHS original fender was saved thank goodness!):

What you are looking at here is the ORIGINAL METAL that has been pulled out and properly panel beated back to its original shape… Hence why the spares car still has it’s nose attached! Incredible… 😀

The area circled in red was gouged open when the original bonnet decided to turn UFO during the accident… Been nicely fixed up eh? Also, notice the nice and straight bonnet hinges as well haha…:

Really excited to see how she looks when she has some paint on her!!

More updates when I have seen her again…



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