1:18th 1972 Datsun S30 240Z

Here is the largest model currently in my collection, a lovely, original US spec 240Z. Quite nicely detailed, no Autoart model, but good enough for the price. Just wish I could get a 1:18th scale P510…


One thought on “1:18th 1972 Datsun S30 240Z

  1. rudi van wyk says:

    nice pal ive also got a collection of scale models which consits of about more or less 400 models of which 43 is very rare DATSUN MODELS like 510 sss coupe 510 sss 140y z skyline gtx r30 the same as my personal cars 410 bluebird datsun 1200 bakkie 3 620 bakkie and a lot more ill take some photos and send it to you if you whant have a look at it most of these cars ive imported cause the not availble in south africa thanx cheers RUDI

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