1:43rd 1972 Datsun P510 BRE Team Signature Set No. 038 of 750 (True Scale Miniatures)

For the last post of my current model collection, I would like to share with you all my pride and joy. This piece will forever be very special to me, as it was my 21st birthday gift from my parents last year, even though it was outside of their budget. I will be forever grateful to them for getting this very limited edition piece for me… So without further adieu let us get to the pictures of this exquisitely detailed model set… 😀

2.5 Trans-Am championship winner John Morton’s signature…:D

BRE Team Manager, and owner, Peter Brock’s signature, along with the ID number of the set…:D

BRE team driver Bobby Allison’s signature…:D

Lets take a closer look at Bobby Allison’s #85 car… I thought this would make a cool photo…

Now, lets have a look at the championship winning #46 car of John Morton…

Next, lets take a closer look at the teams spare car, #68. This car was occasionally driven by Jim Fitzgerald…

Finally, a trio of nice overview shots…



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