1979 SSS Steering wheel restoration…

So, while I was busy doing work on the daily to get her ready for the roadworthy test, I came across this SSS steering wheel I had picked up at a scrapyard last year for R250 (~$45) and decided that I wanted to mount it to my car to replace the stock 1 spoke wheel…

But naturally, before that could happen I decided I was going to try my hand at restoring my first steering wheel ever! It had to look good enough to go into the interior of the daily you know?

This is how it looked when I pulled it off the shelf… Pretty used up!

It is actually interesting to see the complex nature of the parts that make up the steering wheel…

I love the small details on the center horn pad…

At least the screws were clean! Haha!

So now I had one stripped down wheel with a lot of work to do. I initially thought I was going to have to hand sand the whole thing, then I remembered my father has cylindrical sandpaper flappers that can be used with a drill… Score! 😀




Next I had to mask up the outer rim of the wheel, and let me tell you, not the worlds easiest job! I even missed a spot haha!

I then used the only paint I could find lying around the garage to paint the wheel with. Had it been possible, I would have just given the exposed metal a clear coat as it looked so damn good, but I had to settle on a can of grey engine enamel haha! (At least the paint won’t come off when the car is standing baking in the sun…)

A few coats later and the wheel was looking good! 😀

And then bright and early the next day I mounted my first attempt onto the car, and I must say it came out pretty darn neat! Quite chuffed with myself…



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