The daily gets an upgrade…

So last week I decided to remove the Nikki carb for a nice clean up and rebuild so that the car would be ready to go through the roadworthy test without any hiccups. The rebuild was successful (especially since it was my first time ever servicing a carb on my own!) and after driving around for a few hours afterwards the problems came back regarding the carb.This was not going to cut it as I need the car to be reliable for the new job I have just managed to secure which is going to involve a lot of highway driving.

So I lost my temper and removed the piece of shit and tossed it one side in favour of a set of SU carbs that came off my Coupe’s motor. (As you can see, I am not a fan of a twin choke down-draught carb, having only known SU’s on Datsun motors…) Luckily for me the Coupe will be Fuel Injected when its turn comes, so it was happy to donate its carbs for a good cause… 🙂

Thankfully, the set was complete and in good condition, and cleaned up pretty well too.

Seeing that the car originally came out with that stupid down-draught a few things need to be changed… Mainly the fuel supply lines, the manifold cooling lines and the accelerator assembly. Luckily my father had the correct fuel hardline that goes around the head to feed each of the two float chambers for the SU’s, as can be seen in the photos below. 🙂

Once the carbs were test fitted it was soon discovered that the float chambers had strange tops with strange outlets. The one circled was catching on the accelerator rod, thereby not allowing it to come out far enough to be able to connect to the SU’s properly.

The other problem was that the accelerator rod was made to work with the down-draught’s connector that sat at a different angle when fully closed to the one on the SU’s. After a few arguments and thinking my father came up with the solution: Grind the welding off the rod, rotate the arm in its bracket and reweld it. Worked a treat!

To solve the problem of the float chamber tops obstructing the accelerator rod and not having the same fuel inlet pipe angle, I took a second set of SU’s and swopped the tops between the two.

Once that was done some fresh fuel hose was installed, the manifold coolant port blocked off and the brake boosters vacuum hose connected. The air cleaner assembly is courtesy of my blue car…

The end result looks pretty good if you ask me, and it has made the world of difference as to how the car performs. Throttle response is crisp and it sounds great! 😀



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