SABAT Skyline 2.8GTX…

I thought I would post this great photo of the ex-Hennie van der Linde Skyline 2.8GTX that is now owned and raced by Dick Sorrenson, that highlights the cars history on the rear fender… 🙂

I have a few photos I took of this car earlier this year at a race meeting and have never gotten round to doing a feature post on the car, and this photo has reminded me that I still need to do it!


4 thoughts on “SABAT Skyline 2.8GTX…

  1. nasmie majiet says:

    Hi jared. I met Dick at the production national racing and told him that I have a dream of building Hennie van der Linder skyline with the nissan colours. If you have pics on that car pls paste it. I am also looking for that body kit. Would u know of any one up in jhb that will have a body kit like that. The datsuns r planing a parkoff the 27th. I will take some pics and post it for you to see.

    • Jared van Bergen says:

      Hi Nasmie, that is a great idea! I do not know of anybody at the moment that would have that bodykit, but I will do some enquiries for you regarding that.

      I would love to see some nice shots of the Datsun parkoff you mention as well!

      I will look for the photos I have of the car and post them for you.

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