4 thoughts on “East African Safari Rally 1970 Joginder Singh – Ken Ranyard

  1. jagdish bogal says:

    joginder singh flying sikh of kenya the great lagendry of safari rally. holds great respect not only in kenya but around the world too. exellent driver too. do not know where he is these days. was more famous then any other safari drivers in kenya. jagdish. london. 00.10. am. 10/12/2012

  2. jagdish bogal says:

    flying sikh joginder singh bhachu hero lagendry , no other driver ever broke his east african safari record . what a exellent gr8 gr8 gr8 flying sikh of kenya. jagdish.london. 10/12/2012. 02.38. am.

  3. jagdish bogal says:

    what a great east african safari lagendry flying sikh of kenya . we can not forget his man power to drive cars in safari. still people remembers him these days about his safaris .

    • jagdish bogal says:

      simba ya kenya legend joginder singh bhachu the great driver. no one had won safari rally from indian side he was first asian to win . what a great tough driver.

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