Final Round of the Midas Historic Tour… The 240Z’s…

So this past weekend saw the final round of our local South African Historic racing series take place at Zwartkops Raceway. What made this special was the fact that I would be personally meeting the owners of these two Fairlady Z’s, ones of only a handful in the country… The father and son team of Mr Sophos Pantazis and Mr Phillip Pantazis.

Now, Sophos and Phillip are two true gentleman, who in addition to owning these two cars, have got a third 240Z in the process of becoming an IMSA-spec race car for use in the Historic series… Can anybody say sensory overload??

Phillip drives the white car, while his dad Sophos, drives the orange car that I was allowed to sit in…

Here is the beauty I was lucky enough to sit in…

Some proper race-spec Datsun Straight 6 power…

Naturally, some potent stopping hardware is required…

Most definitely the sexiest rear at the track that day… The sound that came from those two exhausts was nothing short of music to my ears…:-D

Myself and a good friend of mine, Abdul Saint, managed to snap a few action shots of the Fairladys on the track… With a Samsung Galaxy S3 no less!

Here is the only one I got worth sharing, Phillip being chased down by an Alfa Romeo GT Junior (?) and a Fiat 131 Abarth:

And here are the two great shots taken by my buddy Abdul:

I will be bringing you a more detailed look at these two cars sometime in the near future with specs and better photos… So keep an eye out for that. 🙂




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