Bluebird brochures…

A week ago, Scott McIntosh asked if I had any brochures on the KP510 SSS Coupe, and to be honest my collection of brochures was thrown away by the cleaning lady… So Scott, hopefully you have not seen these shots yet! Enjoy…:-D

My personal favourite one that I found recently… Would love it if my own Bluebird Coupe looked this good!

For good measure, here is a very nice one of the Bluebird 1800SSS sedan:

Here is one of the 1600GL Bluebird sedan:

This one was of particular interest to me, as it depicts the Chinese version of the P510, built under license by the Yue Loong Motor Company!

I do love it when they used the rally successes to boost sales… Something that does not happen at all anymore…

This is one of the nicest ones I have managed to find! The complete lineup of P510 models:

Features that make it one of the most pleasing cars to drive to this day!

They really don’t advertise like they used to do they? I love this one as well:

That’s it for now, but I will keep searching for some more unique brochures and try to do a follow up post fairly soon. 🙂

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