Datsun LY goodness…

Here we have some Straight-6 Datsun LY crossflow goodness mounted inside the engine bay of an ex-works Fairlady Z… Stunning and super rare!! I just love seeing stuff like this!

Here is the story of this wonderful car:

Peter Valantine recalls “TKS33SU4079 was re-registered LPE66P in 1975 after I was arrested by HM Customs & Excise when taking the car to Datsun in Belgium to exchange it for another car. It turned out that the car had been in the UK for longer than permitted and Datsun/Old Woking were fined and had to pay the duty to get the car released, after which it had to have UK plates. The customs guys at Dover cut up the Jap plates before releasing the car! I must say that I was a bit concerned at the time, although after 36 years it all seems quite amusing now!”

When it was found:

Out in 1973 on the stages of the RAC Daily Mirror Rally, where she belongs…

Here is the LY in all its current crossflow glory:

I love to see these cars being kept alive in good hands! Just wish they were my hands though! 😀


7 thoughts on “Datsun LY goodness…

  1. Larry A Butler says:

    Beauty!! Too bad for the engine to not have air filters while off road…. Those air horns would suck in small children and sizable rocks.

    • Jared van Bergen says:

      Larry I think they do put filters on when they are rallying. I certainly hope they do, would be criminal not to!

      I think a few small children have been reported missing after being near this car… 🙂

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