Some new Safari Rally Pics…

So, the internet at home is still stuffed, so I will use the works net to share some new photos of Datsuns in the Safari Rally that I recently came across to make up for the lack of posts as of late…


1971: 19th East African Safari Rally

No.31 240Z – Shekhar Mehta / Mike Doughty – 2nd overall


1972: 20th East African Safari Rally

No.10 240Z – Edgar Herrmann / Hans Schuller – 5th overall

1974: 22nd Safari Rally

No.14 240Z – Harry Kallstrom / Claes Billstam – 4th overall


1977: 25th Safari Rally

No.17 710 Violet – Rauno Aaltonen / Lofty Drews – 2nd overall


No.26 710 Violet – Yoshio Iwashita / Yoshimasa Iwashita – 11th overall


1978: 26th Safari Rally

No.6 PA10 160J Violet – Rauno Aaltonen / Lofty Drews – 3rd overall


1980: 28th Safari Rally

No.14 PA10 160J Violet – Mike Kirkland / Dave Haworth – 4th overall


No.1 PA10 160J Violet – Shekhar Mehta / Mike Doughty – 1st overall





1981: 29th Marlboro Safari Rally

No.7 PA10 Violet GT – Shekhar Mehta / Mike Doughty – 1st overall



1982: 30th Marlboro Safari Rally

No.1 PA10 Violet GT – Shekhar Mehta / Mike Doughty – 1st overall




7 thoughts on “Some new Safari Rally Pics…

  1. Vincent MORIN says:

    VERY VERY NICE BLOG ! I have a DATSUN VIOLET LA10 140J and PA10 VIOLET 160J coupe SSS and BLUEBIRD KP610 Coupe 1800 SSS GR2 => Edgar HERRMANN / HANS SHULLER , Number 3 BANDAMA RALLY 1974 . I ‘m living to shouth of FRANCE => Marseille !!! I have to 240Z DATSUN!, 810 Bluebird 1800SSS, B210 coupé 120Y sunny, 3x Micra K10, 2x 100-A LE10 KR160 Patrol 4WD, TERRANO D21 4WD , KING CAB 4WD KJD21 ( TOYOTA CELICA TA28 1977 and MAZDA 121 COSMO AP 1977 ) My father concessionary DATSUN/NISSAN => 1977 to 1990 , participation PARIS / DAKAR 1986 and 1987 on the NISSAN PATROL TR160 3.3L TURBO DIESEL … I run to run to French Historic rally with : 240Z DATSUN, VIOLET 140J and Sunny 120Y coupe …

    Cordially, @+ Vince !

    • Jared van Bergen says:

      Thank you very much Vincent!

      Sounds like you have an awesome collection of Datsuns!? I would love to see them, maybe we can even do a post on only your collection?

      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by, I hope you will come back in the future!


      • Vincent MORIN says:

        Hello Jared, my automobiles are not quite restored, but why not to make a report above, to give you one idea, register you on my forum (it is free) to be able to see photos, register(record) them and post them on your blog. My pen name is VGV, yes I shall mean seeing your blog I registered(recorded) him(it) in my favorites(whiskers)! Bye for now!!! Vince!

        Ps: if I understood well, you live in South Africa, that’s right!?

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