Dick Sorensen’s Skyline 2.8GTX

This here is one of the most successful racing cars that has ever raced in South Africa. Built by Hennie van der Linde in 1983, this stunning piece of automotive engineering has dominated the South African circuit racing scene, and now continues to do so in the ownership of Dick Sorensen, himself an accomplished racer that drove a variety of Datsuns back in the 70’s and 80’s, one of them posted earlier here, and his son Richard.

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (1)The car has been kept unchanged since the 1980’s, except for the colour change to the current Sabat Batteries livery, which looks great on the car. Richard Sorensen is now the sole driver of the car, that had stood untouched for 10 years in their garage before being brought back to life to dominate the Historic racing here in South Africa.

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (2)

The widened body panels and front spoiler look insanely good on the car, and give it an aggressive yet purposeful look…

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (3)

Just look at that rear end… Looks really good with the small lip spoiler on the boot and not some huge, garish boot spoiler.

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (4)

Here is a perfect photo to bring across the prowess that this car has enjoyed over the years… And while you look at it, you can add a bunch of wins to the tally!

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (5)

I just love this photo I took of Richard diving into the first corner after the main straight at speed, just as he started braking… The Skyline 2.8GTX coined the nickname “Stoofplaat” by the South African motoring public as the brake lights look like 4 hot stove plates… Looks awesome from behind! 😀

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (6)

When I spoke to Richard, he told me he likes to play with the car while the huge rear slicks are cold, as once they have warmed up there is so much grip the car almost never gets sideways, and boy did he play before the start of the second race!!

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (7)

This car has one of the best, if not the best, sounding L28’s I have ever heard! She runs a 300hp motor, fed by triple Weber side draught carbs. All that power is transmitted by a Nismo close ratio 5 speed gearbox and a R200 LSD, with a straight through exhaust system that emits sounds that come from the gods themselves!! Everytime she comes past at full chat the hair on my neck raises and I get goosebumps all the way down my spine… Absolutely amazing…

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (8)

Finally, a sight regularly seen post race, with Richard waving to the crowd after yet another overall race win at Zwartkops Raceway…

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (9)

Just look at how wide that rear end is…

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213

My thanks go out to the Sorensen family for the fact that they kept an original race car preserved this well for so long, and that it gets used for the main purpose it was built for: To win races! 😀

4 thoughts on “Dick Sorensen’s Skyline 2.8GTX

  1. Richard Sorensen says:

    I just came across this again Jared. Nice article. Just one thing is that the Sabat livery was applied to the car in ’87 or ’88. They sponsored quite a few cars at the time including Gary Dunkerly’s Porsche 911, and Willie’s Sierra XR8 aka ‘The Animal’…

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