Plastic models built by skilled hands…

I recently came across these couple of exquisitely built and highly detailed plastic model cars from a model car show in Japan. These two Fairlady Z rally cars look really incredible, and it is obvious that they were built by knowing hands…

The 1973 Monte Carlo car of Rauno Aaltonen and Jean Todt features some lovely detailing in the engine bay, with a scale L24 running triple Mikuni-Solex carbs…:-D This looks to be a 1/12th scale model,which is what I am after to try and build a replica of the car my grandparents drove in the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally…

240Z plastic model Monte


240Z plastic model Monte 2


240Z plastic model Monte 3


240Z plastic model Monte 4


The 1971 East African Safari car of Edgar Herrmann and Hans Schuller looks just as good, with a nice little diorama being built to surround the car, with the figurines having been scratchbuilt… Pretty damn impressive!!

240Z plastic model EAS


240Z plastic model EAS 2


In the next post I will share with you two highly detailed P510 plastic model cars from the same show… 🙂

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