Some Datsun racing history goodness…

So, to tie in with my previous post of some current Datsun race cars out on track, I thought I would post some awesome photo’s of historical Datsuns doing what they did best… Going fast and winning!! 😀

1970 Fuji, speedway Japan

(Above: 1970 Fuji Speedway, Japan, Z432R)

Enjoy! 😀 (more after the break…)

1973 Zandvoort, Holland

(Above: 1973, Zandvoort, Holland)

1972 Suzuka 1000km

(Above: 1972, Suzuka, 1000km)

240Z le Mans

(Above: 1976, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 240Z)

1972 Fuji Masters

(Above: 1972, Fuji Speedway, Japan)

Killarney, 1974

(Above: 1974, Killarney Raceway, South Africa)

Dan Parkinson is hitting the curbstones. SCCA Competitions, Road Atlanta Racetrack 1976.

(Above: 1976, Road Atlanta, SCCA)

1969 SCCA

(Above: 1969, SCCA, Unknown circuit)

Datsuns on circuit Zandvoort Holland 1974

(Above: 1974, Zandvoort, Janspeed KB110)

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