My new 280ZX…

So, I recently purchased a 1980 Fairlady 280ZX 2+2 a few months ago for the princely sum of R8500 (~$800) and have been enjoying her on the weekends. It needs some work to look decent, with some rot on the RHS fender behind the wheel, some hail damage on the bonnet, a damaged RHS headlight bucket, some scratches on the paint, a slightly damaged interior and a cracked LHS T-Top glass section.

Can’t really complain for the price I paid for her, as she is a driving car with no mechanical faults at this stage. 🙂


My plan is to sort out the fender and headlight bucket, then sand her down and give her some fresh black paint to look slick again! Then a nice set of 15 inch rims and tyres and a slight drop to round out the looks department, maybe even put a lip spoiler on the back as well.

Then the interior needs to be sorted out and a new T-top section put in once I find one in decent condition for a decent price.

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