Mellow Yellow

I recently purchased a proper DSLR camera for the first time in the form of a Nikon D5100, after wanting one for the past 7 years. This will now allow me to take some properly good photographs of the Datsuns in my world, which I can’t wait to do…

I was out a few days ago trying my hand at a few sunset shots, when I decided to turn my lens towards the daily, and these are two of the resulting photos:



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Cheers for now…

Daily is registered!

So the daily has finally been registered legally on my name! So stoked, successful two weeks of leave before the new job starts! All that needs to happen now is the fine tuning of the SU’s as they are running a bit rich at the moment, and the 5 speed needs to go in ASAP for lower revs on the highway! πŸ˜€

The daily is roadworthy!!!

So after a long battle including the accident, being sent to do police clearances unnecessarily and all the work that had to be done after the accident to get her roadworthy, the daily passed the test today!

So stoked, now all that needs to be done is swop over the dogleg 5 speed gearbox from the parts car, along with the heater unit, and get some lower and stiffer springs to enhance the handling and the looks…

The daily gets an upgrade…

So last week I decided to remove the Nikki carb for a nice clean up and rebuild so that the car would be ready to go through the roadworthy test without any hiccups. The rebuild was successful (especially since it was my first time ever servicing a carb on my own!) and after driving around for a few hours afterwards the problems came back regarding the carb.This was not going to cut it as I need the car to be reliable for the new job I have just managed to secure which is going to involve a lot of highway driving.

So I lost my temper and removed the piece of shit and tossed it one side in favour of a set of SU carbs that came off my Coupe’s motor. (As you can see, I am not a fan of a twin choke down-draught carb, having only known SU’s on Datsun motors…) Luckily for me the Coupe will be Fuel Injected when its turn comes, so it was happy to donate its carbs for a good cause… πŸ™‚

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The daily lives again!! Almost…

So like I mentioned in the previous post, the repairs to the daily are progressing at a fairly fast pace! She should have colour on her as I type this… πŸ™‚

Here are some updated shots I took this past Saturday:

Bonnet and fender gaps done:

Spare RHS fender fitted and primed (LHS original fender was saved thank goodness!):

What you are looking at here is the ORIGINAL METAL that has been pulled out and properly panel beated back to its original shape… Hence why the spares car still has it’s nose attached! Incredible… πŸ˜€

The area circled in red was gouged open when the original bonnet decided to turn UFO during the accident… Been nicely fixed up eh? Also, notice the nice and straight bonnet hinges as well haha…:

Really excited to see how she looks when she has some paint on her!!

More updates when I have seen her again…