Happy 510 Day! (5/10)

Hello everyone, happy 510 day, I hope it has been a good one for everyone Datsun oriented…

A rather special event has occurred and it is something that I want to share with you all… Many of you may not be familiar with The Dime, Quarterly… The Technical Newsletter written by and for the Datsun Five-Ten Enthusiast. It was arguably the best possible reference material for modifications and historical information for our beloved P510’s available during its life span. Sadly, it is no more, but thanks to the hard work and generosity of Julian Serles and the DQ team, the entire collection of issues has been converted into PDF format and been made available at The 510 Archives on Google docs at NO COST whatsoever!

You need a Google Drive account to access The 510 Archives, but it is a small price to pay to gain access to such amazing information. Head on over to The Dime Quarterly blog via the link here or on the right for more information.

Here a few photo’s of some great looking Datsuns I have found while scouring the internet during some of my many 510-fuelled search sessions over the past few years… Continue reading

KP510 race car from Japan… <3

This car just looks great from this angle… Really love the works fender flares on it. I am looking for ones just like these for my Rally replica, so if anyone knows where to find them please get in touch with me!

All it needs are the headlight surrounds and the grill to be complete in my eyes…

Cars in the Park 2011: Overview

As I mentioned earlier, here are a few photo’s from the August 2011 Cars in the Park show.

The show was great, with a lovely atmosphere that was helped along by the unbelievable variety of classic cars on display. I had a great time with my friends and my father, can’t wait for this years show!

I will start the photo’s (please keep in mind these photo’s were taken using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, so they may not be the best quality…) with a nice lineup shot of some of the P510’s that were there:

image Continue reading