My new 280ZX…

So, I recently purchased a 1980 Fairlady 280ZX 2+2 a few months ago for the princely sum of R8500 (~$800) and have been enjoying her on the weekends. It needs some work to look decent, with some rot on the RHS fender behind the wheel, some hail damage on the bonnet, a damaged RHS headlight bucket, some scratches on the paint, a slightly damaged interior and a cracked LHS T-Top glass section.

Can’t really complain for the price I paid for her, as she is a driving car with no mechanical faults at this stage. πŸ™‚


My plan is to sort out the fender and headlight bucket, then sand her down and give her some fresh black paint to look slick again! Then a nice set of 15 inch rims and tyres and a slight drop to round out the looks department, maybe even put a lip spoiler on the back as well.

Then the interior needs to be sorted out and a new T-top section put in once I find one in decent condition for a decent price.

Random Pic…

I am struggling to get round to doing a lot of new posts here and it is starting to really frustrate me… So for now, here is a photo I took yesterday of a friend of mine’s IMSA 260Z replica at the race track… Love this car to bits!

Pantazis IMSA Z - 20130728

Datsun Engine PORNO!!

This is all the talk amongst the Datsun online community… The work of art that is called the OS Giken TC24-B1Z. Thanks go to Dino Dalle Carbonare at, for taking the photos and writing a great article on the motor.


Click on the link above to go to the article Dino wrote about the motor, as I can’t say anything about the engine that he has not already said! (And, I also don’t want to be accused of stealing someone elses words, so…)

What I will do is share the specs of this engine package that one can buy from OS Giken, compared to the original TC24-B1 from 1980:

tc24 specs comparison

As well as this photo Dino took of the gearset that does the timing on the motor…

tc24 gearset

It warms my heart to see that there are still performance companies out there that are developing parts like these to carry the great old L-series motor into the 21st century… I love it!!

Pantazis family Bob Sharp Racing IMSA 260Z Replica

This car is currently the most amazing Datsun that currently resides in South Africa, and the fact that it gets shared with everyone out on the race tracks makes it even more awesome! Built by the father and son team that were featured here last year in this post, this car has exceeded my expectations through and through! πŸ˜€

This is just an overview of the car, as I plan on doing a more in-depth article on it in the near future…

P. Pantazis IMSA 260Z - 20130213 (11)

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Dick Sorensen’s Skyline 2.8GTX

This here is one of the most successful racing cars that has ever raced in South Africa. Built by Hennie van der Linde in 1983, this stunning piece of automotive engineering has dominated the South African circuit racing scene, and now continues to do so in the ownership of Dick Sorensen, himself an accomplished racer that drove a variety of Datsuns back in the 70’s and 80’s, one of them posted earlier here, and his son Richard.

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (1) Continue reading

Random Pic…

Things are going to be pretty quiet over here for the next few days until we get the internet fixed at home, so I will leave you guys with this awesome shot by Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters of this awesome Bluebird Coupe dragster from Japan… This bad boy is fully tubbed and runs an L28 with an air shift gearbox!

There is plenty of stuff on this site in the archives, so why don’t you have a look around till I can post some more new content?? πŸ™‚

SABAT Skyline 2.8GTX…

I thought I would post this great photo of the ex-Hennie van der Linde Skyline 2.8GTX that is now owned and raced by Dick Sorrenson, that highlights the cars history on the rear fender… πŸ™‚

I have a few photos I took of this car earlier this year at a race meeting and have never gotten round to doing a feature post on the car, and this photo has reminded me that I still need to do it!