Pretty special Fairlday Z…

This is something that I would like to have sitting quietly in my garage amongst a couple of other special cars… Especially seeing that it has one of the rarest motor setups for the L-series straight six… The LY28! The fact that it is turbocharged just makes it that much sweeter… Would like to know what the power figures are! 😀

240Z with an LY28 Turbo - 20130522

Dick Sorensen’s Skyline 2.8GTX

This here is one of the most successful racing cars that has ever raced in South Africa. Built by Hennie van der Linde in 1983, this stunning piece of automotive engineering has dominated the South African circuit racing scene, and now continues to do so in the ownership of Dick Sorensen, himself an accomplished racer that drove a variety of Datsuns back in the 70’s and 80’s, one of them posted earlier here, and his son Richard.

R. Sorensen R30 Skyline GTX - 20130213 (1) Continue reading

Random Pic…

Things are going to be pretty quiet over here for the next few days until we get the internet fixed at home, so I will leave you guys with this awesome shot by Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters of this awesome Bluebird Coupe dragster from Japan… This bad boy is fully tubbed and runs an L28 with an air shift gearbox!

There is plenty of stuff on this site in the archives, so why don’t you have a look around till I can post some more new content?? 🙂

Happy 510 Day! (5/10)

Hello everyone, happy 510 day, I hope it has been a good one for everyone Datsun oriented…

A rather special event has occurred and it is something that I want to share with you all… Many of you may not be familiar with The Dime, Quarterly… The Technical Newsletter written by and for the Datsun Five-Ten Enthusiast. It was arguably the best possible reference material for modifications and historical information for our beloved P510’s available during its life span. Sadly, it is no more, but thanks to the hard work and generosity of Julian Serles and the DQ team, the entire collection of issues has been converted into PDF format and been made available at The 510 Archives on Google docs at NO COST whatsoever!

You need a Google Drive account to access The 510 Archives, but it is a small price to pay to gain access to such amazing information. Head on over to The Dime Quarterly blog via the link here or on the right for more information.

Here a few photo’s of some great looking Datsuns I have found while scouring the internet during some of my many 510-fuelled search sessions over the past few years… Continue reading

Old school racer…

I came across this awesome looking 1979 Datsun 1800J SSS race car on a group I belong to on Facebook that is dedicated to the historical racing days of South African Motorsport. The car was driven by owner Johnny Knez and Ken Critchfield, as well as Trevor van Rooyen.

This photo was taken at the 1979 Cape Town 3 hour race where the team had tyre problems which prevented them from finishing. It was powered by a fully worked L28 with triple webber sidedraughts.

Must have sounded quite awesome at full song on the straights! Really diggin’ those wheels, they look similar to the rims used by the Works Datsun 240Z’s from the international endurance series’… Look how fat that rear tyre looks!! Insane…