Some Datsun racing history goodness…

So, to tie in with my previous post of some current Datsun race cars out on track, I thought I would post some awesome photo’s of historical Datsuns doing what they did best… Going fast and winning!! 😀

1970 Fuji, speedway Japan

(Above: 1970 Fuji Speedway, Japan, Z432R)

Enjoy! 😀 (more after the break…) Continue reading


Tokyo Motorshow 1969

Here is a lovely image of an original Fairlady Z432, shown here at the 1969 Tokyo International Motor Show… If only I could drive it off the floor and into my garage!!


Some S20 love…

If you consider yourself  a Datsun enthusiast as many of us say we are, some point in time we have all lusted after what is arguably Nissan’s best piece of automotive engineering… And most definitely the best sounding engine they have made to date (not even an RB26 can come close to an S20 at full cry!)

Here are a couple of photos of some good looking S20’s… Man I love this thing… How is this one that is cutaway?? 😀

Nissan-S20-GTR-engine Continue reading