Some S20 love…

If you consider yourself  a Datsun enthusiast as many of us say we are, some point in time we have all lusted after what is arguably Nissan’s best piece of automotive engineering… And most definitely the best sounding engine they have made to date (not even an RB26 can come close to an S20 at full cry!)

Here are a couple of photos of some good looking S20’s… Man I love this thing… How is this one that is cutaway?? 😀

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Skyline KPGC-10 Rally car…

This was shared with me recently, and it is naturally something that I just had to share naturally. Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese (yet) but this is just really interesting to see… And pretty cool!!

Really something to see a KPGC-10 Hakosuka sliding around on the dirt… Get’s my juices flowing! 😀


Dick Sorensen’s Skyline 2.8GTX

This here is one of the most successful racing cars that has ever raced in South Africa. Built by Hennie van der Linde in 1983, this stunning piece of automotive engineering has dominated the South African circuit racing scene, and now continues to do so in the ownership of Dick Sorensen, himself an accomplished racer that drove a variety of Datsuns back in the 70’s and 80’s, one of them posted earlier here, and his son Richard.

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Oh so lovely…

I just came across this photo of the Tomica Super Silhouette R31 Skyline… And I thought it would be cool to share here with you guys. I absolutely love this car, and if you have seen the youtube videos of the car on track you will understand what I mean! Absolutely EPIC!! 😀

Tomica R31 Skyline - 20130116

SABAT Skyline 2.8GTX…

I thought I would post this great photo of the ex-Hennie van der Linde Skyline 2.8GTX that is now owned and raced by Dick Sorrenson, that highlights the cars history on the rear fender… 🙂

I have a few photos I took of this car earlier this year at a race meeting and have never gotten round to doing a feature post on the car, and this photo has reminded me that I still need to do it!

Beautiful GC10…

Here is another stunningly beautiful example of a tastefully modified GC10 Skyline sedan, also pictured here at the Sagamiko Skyline and Kyusha Meeting. This car just ticks all the right boxes for me… Perfect ride height, gorgeous Hayashi Streets and beautiful chrome work all add up to a car that I can spend hours just staring at.. Not to mention the colour scheme. 😀

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Godspeed You! GC10…

Here we have a car I am really, really liking! The Godspeed You! Nissan GC10 Skyline at the Sagamiko Skyline & Kyusha Meeting… I really need to move to Japan with my cars and get myself a house with a 20 car garage to fit all the cars I want to have in my collection!! Just look at those Watanabe Type-R’s… Such perfection in a wheel is hard to find… But man they do it for me!! 😀

Also, to see a sedan C10 in a livery that is normally associated with the Coupe is also really cool… And for it to also be rocking these flares is just as sweet!

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