Some S20 love…

If you consider yourself  a Datsun enthusiast as many of us say we are, some point in time we have all lusted after what is arguably Nissan’s best piece of automotive engineering… And most definitely the best sounding engine they have made to date (not even an RB26 can come close to an S20 at full cry!)

Here are a couple of photos of some good looking S20’s… Man I love this thing… How is this one that is cutaway?? 😀

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Skyline KPGC-10 Rally car…

This was shared with me recently, and it is naturally something that I just had to share naturally. Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese (yet) but this is just really interesting to see… And pretty cool!!

Really something to see a KPGC-10 Hakosuka sliding around on the dirt… Get’s my juices flowing! 😀


1970 KPGC10 Skyline 2000 GT-R on Yahoo Japan auctions…

I recently came across this incredible auction and just had to share it here!!

The car is an original 1970 KPGC10 Skyline 2000 GT-R for sale by the original owner. Price I hear you say? A cool  8 500 000 yen of course…

The car is completely original, down to the ID plate in the engine bay and the original air box setup. It still has the S20 motor and has only 50 000km on the clock!! o_O

If I had millions in the bank this car would be on its way across the world to my garage quick fast! Simply unbelievable that such cars are still popping up in Japan these days!!

Enjoy the photos: